Wednesday, October 5, 2011


In the midst of knitting up some catnip-stuffed cat toys, I take a moment to snap a few Instagram pics of the kitties playing like crazy with said cat toys. As I begin to scroll through my photo stream, I notice many of the IGers I follow have posted shots of varying styles to commemorate the death of Steve Jobs. If you don't know who that is, please throw away your iPhone and proceed to flog your self immediately with the white earbuds that came with your iPod.

Without Steve Jobs, none of us would have died of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Apple IIe, y'all...

I bring up my Twitter client and begin scanning through the news posts, confirming what I can hardly believe. Ladies and gentlemen, Steve Jobs has left the building.

Another tidbit of news that I came across regarded one of the news media's favorite darlings, former half-term Alaska governor and ridiculously unqualified Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. Hiya, how ya doin'?

It seems she chose today to announce, once and for all, that she would not enter the race for the GOP presidential nomination, thus drawing to a close, YEARS (at least 2) of speculation about 2012. Surely, there was no doubt that, even after President Obama won his first term in 2010, she certainly set her sights on the Big Chair and, for that first year or so, we all lived with the fear that maybe, just maybe, she could do it.

Then she opened her mouth and starting spouting off on a wide range of issues, becoming one of Obama's most vociferous, if slightly less informed, critics. Fox News, never one to be too concerned about "facts," in the loosest definition on that word, brought her on as a paid commentator. She resigned as Governor of Alaska halfway through her first (and only) term and, suddenly, she's raking in tens of thousands for each and every speaking engagement she can sign up for. It's all a little dubious, and that's being diplomatic.

But recently, she seems to have perfected the art of the Victim, pulling out the ol' violin anytime she's deemed the Lame Stream Media to be too harsh. She's so misunderstood, you see...always taken out of context. Following the shooting of Arizona State Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Palin was quick to mount a defense...of herself, claiming that she, too, was a victim. You see, prior to the shooting, a Sarah Palin political action committee released a map of the United States with crosshairs situated over states that had vulnerable Democratic seats. Representative Giffords was one of those crosshairs. And she had just been the a public meeting. And the media was raising a collective eyebrow. But nevermind that...Sarah Palin is also always the victim.

Of course, she is...poor thing. And this is precisely why I find it so very a propos that, on the very day Sarah Palin decides to bring an end to the endless speculation, the positing of the pundits, the clamors of all the Mama Grizzlies (who shoot wolves with a shotgun...from a helicopter, because that's a fair hunt!)...on the very day when, due to this announcement, Sarah Palin's own importance in this upcoming Presidential cycle is necessarily and significantly lessened...

...that, on this day, Palin's grand announcement has been automatically and drastically overshadowed by the unfortunate passing of a great man whose singular contributions to our society and to our world are so much more than anything she could ever possibly envision on her best I-Ate-My-Wheaties-You-Betcha day.

Ms. Palin, with all due respect, get off the stage. This day is not yours.

R.I.P Steve Jobs...I love my iPod Touch.

Now, I have cat toys to knit.