Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Work Project Series

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Okay...wow, I'm so suprised...I seriously thought I wouldn't have the time to blog today but lo' and behold! The final 30 minutes of work and everything has finally calmed down, so here we go...

Work Project IV is, as you might have guessed the from the clever and witty title, the fourth project in a series of project that I knit while I'm at work. Okay, that needs some clarification...because it's not as if I'm on the phone, doing the customer service thing (in French no less) and knitting a sock at the same time. The project is what I'm knitting while I'm on lunch, sitting at my desk or in the empty conference room...which is usually my location of choice simply because it is, hands down and by far, the quietest place in the whole building. Sometimes, my department will become so crazy and active with everyone on their respective phones...I swear a full hen house with a fox would be quieter.

Anyway, Work Project IV is a simple pair of socks, although I'm adding some random baby cables in the ribbing. It's not really anything write home about...I just love the colorway! It's part of the Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Sunset collection, colorway 8707. I also picked up a skein of 8708, both from City Knitting in Grand Rapids, MI.

Work Project III is nearing completion. It's Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl...a very simple pattern which I've come to refer to as a man-shawl. It's smaller than a shawl and you can't really wrap it around your shoulders. Instead, it ends up wrapped around your neck, looking very hip and cool in an H & M kind of European, metrosexual dude kind of way. Ya dig? Sure...

In any case, the pattern is simple enough and I opted to incorporate 2 colors for variety. I'm using Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox, which is a seriously awesome sock yarn to use for non-sock projects. It drapes beautifully and, as alpaca, it's going to be giving some super duper fuzzy cuddle awesome warmth during the winter months. I think the one thing all of my Work Projects have/will have in common is that every one of them will be for me.

As knitters, we make a lot of shit for other people...seriously. Think about it...but we do it out of love, or something resembling it. Friends, family, friends of the family, family of our friends...hats, scarves, mittens, socks, sweaters...all of it! Anything is fair game and I know that I've given away the vast majority of my knitting output to others. One great thing about making stuff for other people is that I still get to have all the fun of working with the yarn...and it is for this reason that I tell my friends and family that if they see something they'd like me to knit for them, some pattern or some article they simply must have one of, then come with me to the land of the yarn store and we'll find the perfect fibre for the item in question. You buy the yarn and will eventually have the finished product but I get the extreme pleasure of working with said perfect fibre for days on end, maybe weeks, as I work it into the item of your dreams.

See? It really works out great for everyone involved! But...this brings me back to my original point: my Work Projects. I intend to use them to make things for myself. Now, keeping in mind that I only work on them at work, during my 60 minute lunch break, I probably still won't be tackling more difficult or complicated items (like sweaters) but the man-shawls, the man-socks...bring 'em on, bitches! It might take me 3 months to knit up a pair of socks, but I can guarantee they'll be the most perfect pair of socks ever. Take, for instance, Work Project II:Made from Zwerger Garn Opal Harry Potter sock yarn, colorway Draco, these socks, now long finished but without a finished photo, ended up being 99.9% perfect...seriously. I think the only problem was one too may stitches on one side or the other of the gusset...fuck it. So I did an extra k2tog...hah! I'd pay good money if you could even find where the mistake is. In any case, I love these socks...perfect for around the house lounging and they fit my feet like a good sock should. Plus, I love the colors...just like I have a little crush on Draco. Unfortunately, the entire line of yarns has been discontinued...so if you can find it anywhere, you're a lucky bugger!

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  1. I totally agree about knitting for other people. They should buy the yarn. I've knit socks and sweaters and scarves and hats and shawls for other people, and rarely have they even offered to buy the yarn. I suppose I'm just paying for my own entertainment instead of going out to a movie, but still...

    Love your projects!