Monday, August 17, 2009

Sudden Rain at Atake

Ando Hiroshige
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I discovered this print today by Ando Hiroshige, a Japanese printmaker from way back in the day. It was especially à propos for today as we've been pelted on and off throughout with cloudbursts and rainstorms. I've always been enamored and entranced by Japanese block prints...almost as if I could project my very soul into the scene depicted. Sometimes, I couldn't ask for any greater superpower...

Toby was in town this past weekend for the wedding of Bree and Nathan, a wonderful couple who have been together since as long as I can remember. Toby and I once dated a very long time ago and, as I have done with almost all of my former loves, we've been friends ever since. I was his date for the event and, although aspects of the wedding and reception were much like descending into the many rings of hell, none of them had to with him or me. Toby is one of my closest friends and still has the power to evoke powerful and emotional responses from me. I love him dearly...

He's also not yet been the recipient of any of my knitted love, which should be changing soon. I like to keep some light reading material in the bathroom and this weekend was all about "Knitting With Balls: A Hands-On Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man" by Michael Del Vecchio. Toby found a hat and scarf ensemble in there and specifically requested that I make them for him...when I had the chance. Never one to turn away from a new project, especially when said project is for someone so dear, I began immediately to rummage and dig through my stash, eventually coming upon about 7 skeins of Noro Kureyon in a dude-neutral cream colorway. The scarf needs to be fairly neutral to match up with both a brown suede jacket and a grey unknown-fiber jacket. Keep an eye out...updates will be coming soon, I assure you.

By the end of the weekend, I was really just drained. Intense and/or extended amounts of social interaction are not generally very high on my list of favorite things to do. So, after a full night of carousing on Friday, the wedding and reception on Saturday and finally lunch and a trip to the train station on Sunday, there was simply no way I could have possibly been expected to do the laundry I had originally planned to do before I was lassoed in being Toby's date. Instead, I settled in to watch the rain with the kitties and knit up a big fat Sock Yarn Blanket square. I'll probably have a repeat performance tonight.

It's late...and I'm still a little drained. No gym tonight...I'm going home.


  1. I completely hear you about not social interaction, it drains me so quickly! Also, I can't believe you had seven balls of Kureyon just sitting around in your stash. That's crazy.

  2. P.S. There shouldn't have been a "not" in that first sentence. Sorry!