Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lavender for George!

Oh, what fiber goodness will soon be visited upon my humble home! I've just arranged the most amazing trade between myself and one of my fellow knitter dudes, Yarndude. If you have a moment, I recommend checking out his blog at Knitting With a "Y": The Accounts of a Male Knitter. He is the nicest guy, seriously...and also super cute! (I have a serious little crush on him) He sort of responsible for my dabbling in the spinning world, although he's been doing it for longer and to much better results than me...hands down.

So there we are, Yarndude and KnittaPrince, exchanging messages on Ravelry about some of our common projects when I mention that I'm going to be making another mini-trek to the lavender farm and I offer to send him a little sachet of fresh lavender for his stash. In return, he has generously offered to send me the cutest lil' hank of hand-spun that one his readers has dubbed "George," which seems like a perfectly wonderful name. I dated a George once, briefly, not too long was, was...*sigh*

But I digress! I'm thinking of starting a new public access cable television show called "I Dream of George," starring me and that oh-so-cute hank of fiber. I know, I'm a total dork...I'm okay with that. I'm just really excited! I've been wanting to incorporate some of Yarndude's handspun into the Sock Yarn Blanket for a little while now...and with this, if I change my needle size, I should be able to accomplish that very goal. I'm thinking seriously about going out to the farm tomorrow morning, before the Missouri summer heat becomes so unbearable that not even a field of lavender could make it tolerable. I was going to go on Saturday with a friend, but the forecast is predicting temperatures in the high 90s...which for me is just stupid. I couldn't possibly harvest lavender in those temperatures. I'm not a delicate flower...but everyone has their limit.

In unrelated news, I am soon to blog a wee bit about my time in France. This is actually a weak mechanism by which I can easily and subversively slip my photos from my year there into the public glare. It's been a very long time since I perused through my photo-journal (at least 2 years) and I think it would do my soul some good to go back and relive those memories. What better place to share them...

You know, for someone who was so ignorant as to the purpose of a blog just over a week ago, I seem to have taken to it pretty okay, if I do say so...jeez louise, what was the big freekin' deal, yo?

PS - Granny squares come from the devil, I'm convinced.

Mr. Benjamin Warden ponders...his next plan for chaos
and world domination!


  1. I assure you, I'm getting the better end of the deal. :)

  2. Lo: is that benson? is he happy? does he like it when people pet him now? ...i want to see a picture of didn!

  3. Also, I must warn you that you're not the only person around to have an online crush on me. You, sir, have some competition. :P