Friday, August 21, 2009

Cast off...

Cast off...
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It's Friday morning and, by the grace of my method of gainful employment, I have today off. I have every other Friday off...or should that be every every-other Friday? Focus...I started casting off the Hemlock Ring Throw...and it's going to take forever! Again, many thanks to Yarndude for alerting me to the fact that this step is going to require a metric ton of yarn. (We both drive Echos, ya know?) I made sure to start a fresh skein 10 stitches before diving in. As you can see to the right, the finished edge is nothing terribly special, just a series of bridged yarn-overs, giving the throw a slightly scalloped edge. The real insanity comes when you make the following realization:

Every 5th row of the throw, the number of stitches, per pattern repeat, is increased by 4, for a total increase of 32 stitches.

At the beginning of the chart, there are a meager 168 stitches on the needles. By the red line, there are an impressive 504...and by the end of the chart, 568. But I'm an over-achiever, so I just has to take it into uncharted waters and after figuring out the pattern of SSKs and K2togs, I took the throw 4 increases past the end of the chart, meaning I should have a whopping 696 little loops of yarn sitting there patiently waiting.Here's the insanity: each little scallop you see in that picture, when all is said and done, only kills 4 stitches! Each little scallop requires 3 passes...the setup, turn the work and increase, then turn again and cast-off...congratulations! You've killed 4 measly stitches...only 692 more to go.

Think of singing "99 Bottles of Beer...," only you've started with 696 and you have to maintain a comfortable, but not too fast or jovial, pace...and you and I might just finish together., what? I fell asleep...oh! The throw, that's right...FOREVER! Someone being me a copy of "Howl's Moving Castle"...oh, there's one. Thanks Trish...

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  1. Oh, what a fantastic movie! I'm really excited to see Ponyo. In other news, you're almost there! ...sort of. Good luck with all those scallops - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?