Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sock Yarn Blanket: 2010-02-27

I know. I know I've taken an inordinate amount of time between this post and the one preceding but that's my prerogative, I guess. In truth, I just haven't been gripped by the drive to write about much of anything. I thought for a little while that I was going to embark on a series of autobiographical explorations but that seems to have not panned least, not yet. Instead, behold the Sock Yarn Blanket!

In truth, what I really want to blog about I cannot. You see, I test knit something for my friend Craig (Etsy shop HERE) and it seems his pattern is about to go live in a place where you will all be able to see it. As such, he's asked me to not post photos of or blog about this item, though I can assure you, my version of it turned out to be the most rockin' thing ever in the history of...well, in the history of my knitting. I hope to reveal it to you soon enough...

I also hope to write more, among other things.

Oh! So, spring is here! That's exciting, right? The windows are open and the kitties are planted on window sills throughout the apartment, watching the goings-on of my street. My bulbs are coming up beautifully, having survived the transplant that took place last summer when I built my gardens. The daffodils are lovely in their early morning yawn and stretch. Only three have thus far bloomed but their bedmates are budding and will soon follow suit.

I'll also take this opportunity to throw out the same call for plant samples as I did last year. If you have a garden that needs a wee bit o' thinning, drop me a line. I could use some perennial greens and blooms and am certainly not above digging them out myself.

What else? Oh yes! Yarn-Over 2010! This non-event event continues, having started in December for a month-long trial, then whipping into full swing on January 1. The object: purchase no yarn for whole year of 2010. The purpose: to use only yarn already stashed in a budget-balancing, stash-busting maneuver to benefit both my bank account and my storage totes.

How's it going? Great! Thus far, I've not bought any yarn whatsoever...except that one time. But, wait...I can explain! It was the reversible cloche I've been knitting for my friend Eva. She lives in Germany and, during her last trip Stateside, asked me to knit her a hat with a brim. After deciding upon the pattern, I started this damn hat three times, encountering a bevy of gauge troubles each time. You can ask Megan (if you know her) and she can attest to the itty bity cloches I would have ended up with had I not re-started again and again. After finally solving the problem by holding the yarn double, it became clearer and clearer as I knit that 2 skeins would simply not be enough to complete the hat. So...after much internal wrangling, I order ONLY 2 additional skeins. I justified it to myself (and Megan) by pointing out that it was needed for a requested project that was already in progress before Yarn-Over 2010 actually started.

*Sigh* It felt good to get that box in the mail, exciting even. And even though I knew I had only ordered 2 skeins, I hoped and crossed my fingers that perhaps there would be a sample of something, some fiber, some soak or maybe a stitch marker, something exciting and surprising. But no, only two skeins and a pick slip. The good news was that the dye lot was identical to what I needed, a sure sign from above that my transgression would be overlooked.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

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