Monday, November 2, 2009

Yarn-Over 2010

So, this was what I was originally going to write about yesterday before the blog post morphed into the criticality event that it was. I'm talking about Yarn-Over 2010, which is the name I have opted to use for the hypothetical yet entirely possible trek that I may embark upon wherein I will buy no yarn for an entire year. Get it? yarn all year? Maybe it's just me...

Anyway, it's an idea that I've been hacky-sacking around in my head for a few months now. The impetus for such an insane idea comes from a few places. It started originally as a budget-control device. In many areas of my life, I tend to be an all-or-nothing kind of guy. Pair that with borderline obsessive-addictive personality and you've got the perfect recipe for the ultimate stash builder...which is exactly what I have done. As many of my fellow knitters (though certainly not all), I have acquired more yarn than I could possibly use in my own lifetime. If you think I'm kidding or exaggerating, then allow me to reassure that I am doing neither.

It's a beautiful stash, too. You just have no idea unless you've seen it lately. My total yarn reserve has grown to such a size that I have long been trading out the lower quality acrylics, fluffy faux mohairs and mal-chosen bouclés from my early knitting adventures, giving them away to anyone who would have them and filling in the newly liberated space with the trappings from two visits to the Loopy Ewe, some recent knit night acquisitions and my sizeable booty (giggle) from the Strange Folk Festival, where I made out like a bandit.

The other motivation for Yarn-Over 2010 is as a stash busting exercise, something every knitter has claimed to have done or is in the process of doing or will be doing soon...with very mixed results. Some are very good at it...some knitter's claim to not even have a stash to bust at all! I, however, have only thought of busting said satash and have never been very good at it. I'm not a very fast knitter, although I am diligent and persistent. Unfortunately, that means that I do tend to acquire way more yarn than my output requires.

My yarn income and my financial output have long been at odds and it is time to put myself to the test. Thus was born Yarn-Over 2010. It's still a work in progress but here's that I've come up with thus far:1) Beginning January 1st, 2010, I will no longer be permitted to purchase yarn for a period of 12 months. To be clear, "purchase" is meant to mean any exchange of any monetary unit via cash, credit or check in exchange for any amount of spun fiber in any form including but not limited to skeins and hanks.
2) This does include sock yarn, long believed to not count towards one's stash consideration as it is, well, sock yarn. I've never understood where that distinction came from and it seems rather random and arbitrary. Given that I'm also working on the Sock Yarn Blanket, I've been very happy with this distinction but the truth can no longer be denied...sock yarn does count as stash and will continue to throughout Yarn-Over 2010.

3) Yarn may still be acquired through other means if such means present themselves. This means that I can still accept sock yarn bits and leftovers for the blanket and can take free yarn that people may be giving away, as they sometimes do. I can also acquire new yarn by trading yarn already found in my stash as this does not increase the total amount of yarn, only equalizes it from one form to another.

And that does it! Don't buy any new yarn for all of 2010...simple as that. The hard part has nothing to do with running out of yarn or even worrying that I might, as I know that I currently own enough to keep me going for much longer than that. The challenge lies in simply doing nothing. All I have to do is not buy yarn.

Keep in mind, Yarn-Over 2010 doesn't start until January 1st, which means that any purchases made between now than then don't count. Obviously, it's a bit defeatist if I go out and spend hundreds of dollars in preparation as, in a sense, the preparation has already been done. Besides, I've already put my only credit card into a block of ice in my freezer.

So...anyone crazy enough to join me? If not you, then maybe your other knitting friends and internet buddies? Tell them there's this crazy dude who isn't going to buy yarn for a whole year in effort to reign in his budget and bust his stash. Maybe we could start a Ravelry group...


  1. I have been skimming across your blog recently. :) Sadly I do not have enough time to get to it all I am swamped with huge amounts of homework and writing so many research papers. The end is in sight if I can just keep my sanity, which is not easy as of late. Miss you!

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